International Trip

International Trip

A Life-Changing Experience

The Asia trip was a wonderful life-changing experience that opened my eyes to a world so much larger than I ever thought as well as who I am and who I want to become.  This trip changed me and my life more than I ever imagined it would.  The challenge has been to keep the momentum when I got home and not fall back into life and thoughts as it was before the trip. 

There were so many special moments and highlights of this trip it is difficult to focus on one, but the river cruise in China was definitely one of my top five.  My suggestion to future students is to leave expectations in the States and go into this experience with an open mind and enjoy and embrace everything that happens.  Be open, adaptable, non-judgmental and optimistic to the experiences, the people and the places.  Having a sense of humor will serve you well on this trip also.

Enjoy, the people you are traveling with - I truly enjoyed the company of each person on this trip and they are some of the most special people in my life.

Lisa Miller, Class of 2010


ELOC 2012 International Experience

For 2012, the ELOC program will return to Korea, Japan, and China for its international experience from May 12 to May 27, 2012. We will be traveling  to Seoul, Korea, Beijing and Shanghai, China, and Nagoya and Tokyo, Japan to visit a variety of business organizations and educational institutions.   In previous years, we visited companies such as Hyundai, Samsung, Mazak, ANA, Wild Flavors, Unis Software, and Best Buy, and educational institutions such as Hansung University, SookMyung Women's University, and Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade.  The ELOC international experience was created to provide the ELOC students the opportunity to increase their global political, economic, and cultural awareness as well as their multicultural competencies.