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Mohab Eltawila

Mohab Eltawila

"Being an International student and coming from an environment where sports as an industry is not as developed as in countries such as the United States, I had a lot to learn by graduating with a Sports Business degree from NKU. I believe that I have gained a lot of knowledge and exposure by studying at NKU, especially since there are two major league teams in the region which enhances the experience significantly. I truly believe that NKU alumni are very well prepared for the practical careers whether it is in the US or anywhere else."

Andrew Despotes

Andrew Despotes

“Northern Kentucky University gave me the opportunity to expand my horizons in and out of the classroom. My involvement in the sports industry as a college student at NKU contributes to where I am today. NKU is exactly what I want to represent in my career and I am extremely proud to call this school my alma mater!”

Noelle Peterson

Noelle Peterson

"I think the biggest aspect I learned within my Sports Business classes at NKU is trying to figure out the needs of my customers and creating the best fit for them. This has translated into my current role in Inside Sales for the Bucks because I have the opportunity to make lasting memories for friends and families as well as help clients build their business."

Tyler Huffman

Tyler Huffman

"I am proud to be an alumnus from the NKU Sports Business program, the professors and their teachings were priceless as far as helping me prepare for my journey into the sporting world. I owe a lot of my success to NKU and would love to return the favor one day for future students. I would say this to any current students the variety of different classes I took helped round out my skills and prepared me for whatever both the Reds and Rays threw my way. I am in sales but I have done everything from marketing to PR and if it wasn’t for my experience I truly feel I wouldn’t be able to be where I am today."

Graduate in Four Years

If you successfully complete an average of only 15 credit hours each Fall and Spring semester, you can finish your Sports Business degree with its required minor in Business Administration in four years (eight semesters).

Like all business degree programs, the Sports Business program is tightly structured. You should give careful attention to course prerequisites, as they are strictly enforced.

If you choose to earn your degree over a period longer than four years, the basic sequence of courses shown in the four year plan will still apply in most cases.  If you decide to deviate from the recommended sequence, you should consult with the College of Business Advising Center for assistance in developing an alternative graduation plan.


Sports Business Advisory Board

The Sports Business program is represented by a group of top-notch sports business executives, organizations and alumni.

The members provide the voice of the industry in designing, reviewing and updating the curriculum to meet the needs and expectations of the industry.  




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