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Bachelor of Science in Marketing

In today’s hyper-competitive global business environment, it is becoming very clear that for any organization to prosper, it must adopt a market orientation as its guiding business philosophy. Being market oriented simply means that an organization considers the needs and wants of its customers as crucial input in every decision that it makes. To successfully accomplish this goal, the organization must develop and nurture close relationships with its customers. Marketers are literally the interface between the organization and its customers. A career in marketing, no matter which of the dozens of different career paths you choose to follow, is at its heart a career in strategically creating and managing these relationships.

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Bachelor of Science in Economics

The Economics degree program is designed to provide flexibility and ease of access to a wide variety of minors. You can choose a minor and additional elective courses in a field that fits your career goals—for example, if you are interested in environmental policy, you can elect a minor in Environmental Studies. Business Administration is a popular minor for those with career interests in the private sector. You are strongly encouraged to discuss your career goals with economics faculty for guidance in choosing an appropriate minor.

Bachelor of Science in Sports Business

The Sports Business program offers you a unique opportunity to earn a business degree with a difference – a focus on the business of sport. The program will prepare you for a variety of career and leadership opportunities in sports business and recreational management. A small sampling of career paths in the sports industry includes event suppliers, event management and marketing, sports media, sports sponsorship, athlete services, sports commissions, sports lawyers, sports equipment manufacturing and distribution, sports and recreational facilities and facility suppliers, and team, league, and college athletics management and marketing.  You are strongly encouraged to discuss your career goals with sports business faculty for guidance in searching for the perfect job.

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