Marketing, Economics & Sports Business


The most important thing to know is that an internship is not just a job! And it’s not just a demonstration of things you already know how to do. Rather, it is a learning and growth experience.

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Marketing, Economics and Sports Business--why are these academic degree programs in the same department?  Not by accident, we assure you.  All three majors stem from the study of the markets in which business and society functions.  The discipline of economics provides the foundation for the way we think about all kinds of markets.  It's not too much to say that the general practice of marketing is based in large part on economic principles and shaped by national and global economic policy.  The business of sports, particularly professional sport, has its own unique configuration of economic conditions, a bit different from conventional consumer markets, that govern competition.

Of course, each major is different, but all three share an emphasis on key fundamentals that give our graduates a competitive advantage in the job market or graduate school admission:

  • Learning by doing, both in the classroom and through internships;
  • Superior research skills;
  • High-level analytical and critical thinking;
  • Clear, concise and compelling communication skills;
  • Collaborative teamwork skills; and
  • A grounding philosophy of ethical, sustainable, global competition.

We also offer minors in marketing and economics, and post-baccalaureate certificates in marketing research, applied economics and public policy, and sports business.

We invite you to explore our web site to learn more.  If you have additional questions, please drop us an email at or phone the department office at (859) 572-6582.