Accounting & Business Law

Several career paths are available for students who major in accounting.  Accountants work as CPAs, internal auditors in industry, cost analysts, tax specialists, budget directors, Internal Revenue agents, and finance officers in local governments. Accountants are professionals that provide important services to companies and clients and are well respected in the business community.



We offer four undergraduate degrees in the Department of Management that focus on the effective management and leadership of people, operations, and organizations in a variety of industries and contexts.  We also offer several minors that enable students across the University, from the creative arts to the natural sciences and from communications to technology, the opportunity to gain the organization and leadership knowledge that will build upon their talents to develop successful careers in their primary field of study. With businesses that operate in music, communication, biological sciences or computer technology, gaining expertise in management can help bolster your skills to be successful in your chosen field.

Economics and Finance

Economics and Finance

The Economics degree program is designed to provide flexibility and ease of access to a wide variety of minors. You can choose a minor and additional elective courses in a field that fits your career goals. The finance major requires completion of four core courses in finance and four upper level finance electives. To graduate with a degree in Finance, a student must earn a grade of at least C in all finance courses taken.

Marketing, Economics and Sports Business

Marketing, Sports Business & Construction Management

Marketing and Sports Business -- why are these academic degree programs in the same department?  Not by accident, we assure you.  These majors stem from the study of the markets in which business and society functions.  It's not too much to say that the general practice of marketing is shaped by national and global policy.

Construction Managers are task-oriented people, incorporating theoretical and hands-on experiences related to both filed and office work. We manage construction projects from inception to completion; from the time the project is an idea in an Owner’s mind, to the end of the project.