Our Programs

Economics Major

Bachelor of Science in Economics

The Economics degree program is designed to provide flexibility and ease of access to a wide variety of minors. You can choose a minor and additional elective courses in a field that fits your career goals—for example, if you are interested in environmental policy, you can elect a minor in Environmental Studies. Business Administration is a popular minor for those with career interests in the private sector. You are strongly encouraged to discuss your career goals with economics faculty for guidance in choosing an appropriate minor.

Finance Major

Bachelor of Science in Finance

Students pursuing the B.S. in Finance must meet all selective admission requirements of the Haile/USBank College of Business and complete the College of Business core courses in addition to the core courses in Finance. The finance major requires completion of four core courses in finance and four upper level finance electives. To graduate with a degree in Finance, a student must earn a grade of at least C in all finance courses taken.

Minor in Economics

The two required courses (ECO 200 and ECO 201) provide a general foundation in economic theory and application. Either can be used to fulfill a university general education requirement in the individual and society category. A broad choice of elective courses allows students to focus on their own specific interests in the field of economics.

If a particular course has a prerequisite that is not listed as part of the major requirements, then the prerequisite is given in italics below the course for which it is a prerequisite. These prerequisites are not included in the program totals in the table below, but they must be completed IN ADDITION TO other program requirements.

Minor in Finance

Students wishing to pursue a minor in finance must complete FIN 305 Principles of Finance, FIN 345 Investment and Security Analysis, and four additional 300-level or 400-levelfinance courses. Students pursuing the finance minor must meet all prerequisites for these classes, which may require additional coursework.

Haile Student Investment Fund

Through the generosity of the Haile/USBank Foundation gift, a substantial fund is available for students to gain real-world experience in investment analysis and portfolio management. This opportunity is available to students as part of an upper level finance elective class open to top students by application. Interested students should contact Professor JC Kim.