Northern Kentucky Community Leaders

Northern Kentucky University's Haile/US Bank College of Business is a leader among business schools in our region in developing innovative programs that engage students in a significant way with our community and its business. To provide a sense of the strength of the college, enrollment in its programs has increased 45% since 1998. Total Haile/US Bank College of Business enrollment stands at 2,800 with more growth to come.

The Haile/US Bank College of Business offers undergraduate and graduate professional degree programs designed to prepare graduates for lifelong careers in a variety of business fields. The coursework and related available educational experiences prepare graduates in three ways for the opportunities, challenges, and responsibilities they will encounter in the business world.

  • First, graduates are to assume a place in society as aware, mature people who are comfortable with enduring values and wisdom by completing a strong and varied general education curriculum.
  • Second, graduates are prepared to understand and appreciate the context within which their work takes place by completing a solid and diverse basic business curriculum.
  • And third, graduates are prepared to successfully enter their chosen fields and cope effectively with changes that are likely to take place over time by completing a well-planned and intense major curriculum.

NKU and the Haile/US Bank College of Business are cognizant of the integral partnership between the college and the community and the importance of public engagement. To this end, the college works cooperatively with the community to provide services beyond education, assisting in the growth and expansion of the region.

Partnership for Growth

As we look to the future we will continue to embrace our responsibility to the intellectual, economic, cultural, and civic vitality of our region. Today's complex global economy depends upon knowledgeable, experienced employees. We recognize our unique role in meeting those needs. We also recognize that we cannot do it alone. To ensure the future of the region, we must strengthen and grow the partnership between students, faculty, and community as together we prepare future business leaders, community leaders, and entrepreneurs for the increasing and diverse challenges of our economy.

To facilitate and prepare NKU and the region for continued progress and expansion, we must establish the groundwork for growth today. Accordingly, the Haile/US Bank College of Business has outlined five areas that will enable us to provide the educational experience that will meet the needs of our students and communities today and tomorrow:

  • New Haile/US Bank College of Business Building
  • Support for Academic Programs
  • Support for Public Engagement Centers
  • Support for Student Success
  • Support for Faculty Excellence